Part 1


Classes were going on in the college and even the irregular types were trying to attend college as terminal would start next week and teachers have strictly advised that marks of terminal will be counted in finals.

But even in this critical time someone was busy behind the bushes. His hands were roaming smoothly from her legs to her thighs, their lips were captured and her hand tightly holding his hairs to bring him closer. They left after a while, being breathless’

“Maan you are the best kisser” said Sanjana, his brand new Girlfriend and one of the most happening girl in looks and style’.

“I know I am best babe, well how many have kissed you before” he asked in his husky voice, his nose still nuzzled between her hair and behind neck and his hands playing with her curves inside her top

Sanjana did not answer his question as that was not meant to be answered. Instead she rolled her hand on his face sensually “Maan, I am so upset. I will not be able to meet you for few days”

Ohh no this was not what Maan wanted, she was his new Girl friend and he was enjoying her and flaunted being with her among his friends too. What will they think, new GF broke with him, no way

But he did not show his worries to her “Why darling, what’s the issue”

“woo, I have to collect notes and study for terminal”

“So what, I too have too study” “but you get notes from Geet, she will not give it to me and her notes are so good”

Maan knew Geet hated giving her notes to anyone. She would prefer them to come to her and she would explain them the subject nicely and then give notes.

But she hated those who wanted easy way out, getting ready made notes without any effort .

But Maan knew going to Geet, Uff she would take all Sanjana time in explaining her subject before giving her the notes.. this was not good idea to suggest. He thought for a while

“You are MSK’s GF, notes should not be worry for you, you will get it but there is one condition” he said with mischievous smile

“I know you naughty, even staying away from you is so tough for me.”

In the evening, Geet’s house:

Geet, in her salwar suit, hair tied well with braid and dupatta up as always, sleeves upto 3 quarter, was in kitchen, trying to make Ice cream while Vicky was on dining table.

Geet, loved to live by rules and ethics, She was no less from any girl in any ways nor had any inferior complex. For her all this gilrs, esp. kind of Maan’s GF were useless pieces.

“Vicky, better complete that part of chapter by today. 10th class is very critical, don’t be like your idiot Bro, you don’t have any silly Geet in your class”

“But I have you at home” “But I don’t want you to be as spoilt as your Bro”

They were busy in their talks when someone jumped behind Geet “hooo”

“Maan stop these stupid tricks of scaring me, they are too old now.”

He ignored her taunt “wow, ice cream, please Geet this time don’t make vanilla, its so boring to eat every time. Put some chocolate flavor in it this time”

“and Mr. who told you, I am going to listen to your demand and anyways you get bored with things little to fast”

He knew what she was hinting too. He went behind her held her waist and kissed her cheeks

“I am so sorry darling; you have not found your prince charming yet”

“Off course he will be special and classy, not road types like you. So getting special one takes its own time.”

She got dreamy “it will happen on its own, when he will come to my life, I will know ‘ it will be magical.”

Maan sat on the sofa and showing to doze off with her dreamy talks

“trying to show you are getting bored. Well I don’t even care. Person like you can never understand high level talks”

Maan sat up straight “wow, what a high level talk it was Geet, I am enlightened.”

Geet in anger, threw apple on him which he caught, none realized, Vicky left way before, knowing these two are going to get him bored by their stupid fights.

“Thanks” Geet turned in anger but then Maan soon realized why he was here.

Maan again went behind her and lovingly surrounded his hand around her waist and bended on her shoulder

“Got angry from your Maan” he said in sweet voice

“What do you want come staright, I know you way too better so try these tricks with you senseless GFs”

“Its not matter of GF Geet, but I can’t see anyone upset you know”

“Ohh wow, my social worker, what is the so called serious matter this time”

“Maan come straight or I am not doing anything” he ran to her “Woo Sanjana”

“yes your latest one” “poor girl, she is so worried, she don’t have notes for terminal”

“what’s so poor about it, she don’t attend classes she don’t have notes, simple. And your so called poor girls, thinks of me as behenji after getting notes from me”

“what wrong do they think, look at yourself in mirror properly” he thought

“No Geet, you have your own class, who can compare themselves with you”

“I know you think same, don’t act” “aur kya samjhoo, look at yourself”

“Anyways I don’t care what you and your silly friends and Gf think. what you want from me”

“Physics Notes” Geet looked at him in anger while Maan turned other side closing his eyes

“You know I don’t like this” Maan closed his eyes tight and then in low voice

“I thought your things are mine and so I promised her, No problem my promise will be broken. It’s ok. I know your ethics are important, I must have thought before”

Geet threw heavy breath in anger and left, Maan settled himself on couch knowing very well his work was done. As Geet approached with her notebook, Maan straightened himself

Forwarding note in front of him “just because of your promise, don’t make such promise next time. I won’t help.”

“Ok” he said obediently and left.

Geet gave cunning smile “poor boy, doesn’t know he is going to be grounded from tomorrow with me, won’t get time to meet her, for which he borrowed these notes”

Geet never interfered in Maan’s flirty and college friends life. But when exams were there or if something important was coming up, she would not care to cut him away from his useless hobbies.

Next: Maan’s respect to their friendship


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