Character Sketch


Maan – 5 yrs Back 25yrs


He was a very simple Maan with sharp brain, but cared less about his caliber. He believed in enjoying life in simple things.

Did not believe in running after money, name and fame. Loved Football as passion and adore his parents.

Very much a Mumma’s darling son. – Dulara Beta

Loved his village Hoshiyarpur .



Maan – The Maan Singh Khurana – Present


Owns and MD of Khurana enterprise, enterprise which has made its mark globally in just few years due to MSK’s hard work A shrewd business tycoon, a workaholic. Have just come back from London to India. Still his parents his first priority.


Very well knows how the world runs and thus makes the world run according to him.

Very well aware of his effect on people and girls and use it well.


Geet handa – 5 yrs Back – 22yrs


A very modern Girl. Only daughter of Mohinder Handa, a big business Man and thus the heiress of Handa construction.


Very well aware of what she is. Have been learning businesses with her Dad since very young age and now that she has joined the HC she knows her position.


A very arrogant and high headed girl who very well knows her class and knows the class of people she should be.


Geet Handa/Khurana – Present


Love has changed her. All she wants now is to live a life of a girl with small dreams. She has changed to Mishty .


She have tasted many achievements, name and fame in life and currently she has only one mission in life – Get her husband back, win his trust and trust of his family.


Other Characters – without pics


Savitri Khurana – Maan’s mother. A very simple lady with a big heart full of love. He family is her world. Her son will always be a kid for her. She is an adorable mother


Rajendra Khurana – Maan’s Father. Himself a very simple man. But has learnt  a lot from world and always wanted Maan to go according to world.  He wanted Maan to achieve what he could not and knowing Maan’s calibler could not digest him wasting his life.


Mohinder Handa – Geet’s father. Owner of Handa Construction. But a very practical man with down to earth nature. Sees things with different angle than normal people and thus is always able to find Gem in the heard of coals.


And his this long sightedness saw the caliber hidden behind a very simple, easy to go MAAN.


Rano handa – Geet’s mother. A modern, smart yet a down to earth women. She has a class, which her daughter had inherited. But there is a simplicity hidden behind the class, which the young mind of Geet was unable to gather.


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