Part 2



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Next Morning Geet came with portable Fridge bag to Maan;s house.

Maan’s Dadima Savitri Devi and his Mother Anita were having morning tea in the elegant and huge garden lawn.

arre Geet bete, Good morning. What’s this in your hand

Good morning Dadima, Good morning Aunty. I made Ice cream yesterday so brought for everyone. I will go keep it in fridge. Where are Maan and Viccky

Vicky is awake and studying and Maan you know

Still sleeping. Don’t worry, I will take care of him.”

In Maan’s room, he is in Deep sleep and his hands and legs covering his whole bed, even sheet covering him has been crumbled to one place. And he is in his signature black inner vest and black track pant.

Uff, he sleeps like donkey.” “Maa-aan” geet shouts loud but it does not even move him.

Geet knew his sleep cannot be tackled softly, she went near his bed and hit him with her knee near his belly “Maan get up” Geet let me sleep” and he turnes other side.

It takes lots of physical man handling for Geet to wake him up, he sits up all frustrated “why, do you need to see my handsome face for your day to start great.”

My day have started way before, don’t think everyone as you. Anyways I made Ice cream, now taste it and let me know how it is.”

you waked me up for that” he gets so frustrated. “Bakwas, before tasting only Bakwas

“It was my fault to make chocolate flavor at your demand. I should never listen to your demand” Maan got shine in his eyes, Geet was about to leave in anger but he pulled her to him.

You made chocolate flavor on my demand. I knew you will never deny my demands

And I know you are worst creature on this universe” she said still angry but he cupped her face in his palm “and you the sweetest creature.”

Geet went down talking to everyone and serving everyone her new trial in ice cream

Geet beta, I am not liking Maan’s ways these days. Kuch jyada he befikaree ho gayee hai. He don’t care for any serious things.”

Uncle why do you worry, I am there na. I will not let him do anything wrong, you don’t worry. Only I can’t interfere in everything, you know

Beta you are there, that is only the relief for us, warna yeh ladka to.”

By that time Maan came down and said good morning to everyone. “Maan mend your ways, is this time to wake up and that too because Geet waked you up.

Maan came near Geet, held her side ways by her waist “Dad, iske hote you are worrying. She is the hardest task master anyone could have.”

Then in low voice to Geet “Give me my ice cream, I need to escape from here soon.”

Geet while giving him ice cream “Meet me in college at 10. We need to discuss something important.” She said in low voice.

Maan nodded in yes “Pakka, don’t miss it.” They moved little away “What pakka, you know I will be there if you have asked.

In college


Geet waited and waited for Maan at 10 but Maan did not turn up. This never happened, Maan never denied or took Geet’s demand lightly. Where ever he will be, whatever he will be doing he turned up when Geet called.

But these days he was flying a little too high. Becoming leader in his gang which was growing, his new girl Friend, being college hotty, both were enjoying flaunting each other among the college. Geet’s word just slipped Maan who was all busy planning sports they have next week.

Maan was sitting on his bike and his GF behind him and his group surrounding him, boasting he will do best again this time. Though he sure was best and captain of their basketball team.

Maan completely forgot about Geet’s word and was enjoying when he and his group saw Geet approaching.

His few old friends knew what Geet meant to him, but not his girl friend and his new friends as Geet never ever came to his group unless needed. As Geet approached Maan immediately removed his GF’s hand from his waist and got up from the bike and stood straight. Sanjana did not like it.

Though Geet knew about his activity and they discussed all these alone, but publically, he never brought his GF in front of her or behaves like group leader or something like that. This was his internal respect for her. They only met alone in college.

Maan realized he had missed their meeting she had asked for. His new friends who did not know their relation

wow behenji coming to our group” Maan gave angry glare “Shut up” was so strong that it was enough for them to shut their mouth.

Sanjana tried to hold Maan’s arm but Maan swiftly removed it.

As Geet came in their group and stood straight, Maan knew his fault “Geet woo

But before he could say anything, Geet held his arm and dragged him out of his group without a word. Maan said not a word to her till his group could see them and just followed her. And when they reached their own meeting place Geet left his hand in jerk and held hers on her chest.

On the other side, Sanjana was completely irked by Geet’s authority on Maan. She felt so secondary.

Geet just kept looking at Maan, Maan looked here and there. He had never missed her call and he did it this time

woo galti ho gayee” “hmmm” but to his defense “but you could have called me, aise group me aakaer

as you were picking your call” ohh shit he had placed it on vibrator and in his activities did not realize phone vibrating.

and listen, I have no interest in visiting you at your useless group meetings” “galti ho gayee, but aise sabke samne. You know what will be my impression

you must have thought it before” “I made a mistake, but you are being too bossy

and you need a boss with these acts of your to keep check on you, got it” she literally scolded.

you are forgetting, I am an year and a month older than you

Ohh really, nice you reminded me as your acts make me forget it always.”

Maan just made his face and sat on the stone.

Ok, listen what I wanted to talk about.” ” what? ” he said still not looking at her.

Terminal is starting from next week and we need to start preparation from today.

This awaken Maan and he turned to Geet in surprise.

Have you gone insane, who study whole week for terminal” “you, cause you have not attended any class

“still, a week for terminal is a little too much

yes, coz marks are being added in the final and it can effect your final marks

Geet, this is too much” “whatever it is, I have made the decision

You took decision, wow” he threw his hands in air. Geet knew all this drama always happened when she grounded him for studies

you know I can’t go against your decision still you take decision without discussing with me

So many worries going in maan’s mind, his new GF, his groups and above all his match starting next week too.

Geet, try to understand, my match starting from next week

I will give you time for practice but you are attending classes whole this week. It will be helpful

 Maan tried to make her understand but knew it was of no use, she gave him time for practice was enough.

you are attending my match but” Geet looked other side “you have you GF, she will be your lucky lady. You don’t need me now

He held her arm and pulled her towards him “what you said, I don’t need you. You know you are my lady luck. My confidence goes away when you are not in field. What do you want to prove.”

Ok, I will be there” she smiled and hit him in his arm “You know I will be there and you know I can’t miss your match phir aise senti talks kyun

He turned and smiled “achcha I did senti talks or you started it” and they went on arguing forgetting everything.

Next- Studying together


Character Sketch


Maan – 5 yrs Back 25yrs


He was a very simple Maan with sharp brain, but cared less about his caliber. He believed in enjoying life in simple things.

Did not believe in running after money, name and fame. Loved Football as passion and adore his parents.

Very much a Mumma’s darling son. – Dulara Beta

Loved his village Hoshiyarpur .



Maan – The Maan Singh Khurana – Present


Owns and MD of Khurana enterprise, enterprise which has made its mark globally in just few years due to MSK’s hard work A shrewd business tycoon, a workaholic. Have just come back from London to India. Still his parents his first priority.


Very well knows how the world runs and thus makes the world run according to him.

Very well aware of his effect on people and girls and use it well.


Geet handa – 5 yrs Back – 22yrs


A very modern Girl. Only daughter of Mohinder Handa, a big business Man and thus the heiress of Handa construction.


Very well aware of what she is. Have been learning businesses with her Dad since very young age and now that she has joined the HC she knows her position.


A very arrogant and high headed girl who very well knows her class and knows the class of people she should be.


Geet Handa/Khurana – Present


Love has changed her. All she wants now is to live a life of a girl with small dreams. She has changed to Mishty .


She have tasted many achievements, name and fame in life and currently she has only one mission in life – Get her husband back, win his trust and trust of his family.


Other Characters – without pics


Savitri Khurana – Maan’s mother. A very simple lady with a big heart full of love. He family is her world. Her son will always be a kid for her. She is an adorable mother


Rajendra Khurana – Maan’s Father. Himself a very simple man. But has learnt  a lot from world and always wanted Maan to go according to world.  He wanted Maan to achieve what he could not and knowing Maan’s calibler could not digest him wasting his life.


Mohinder Handa – Geet’s father. Owner of Handa Construction. But a very practical man with down to earth nature. Sees things with different angle than normal people and thus is always able to find Gem in the heard of coals.


And his this long sightedness saw the caliber hidden behind a very simple, easy to go MAAN.


Rano handa – Geet’s mother. A modern, smart yet a down to earth women. She has a class, which her daughter had inherited. But there is a simplicity hidden behind the class, which the young mind of Geet was unable to gather.



He is back to India. He has been forced to at last decide to settle in India , just because of his parents.


He can do anything for his parents.


But very few who knows Maan Singh Khurana today, knows this, but all those who knows old Maan knows it.


There is a huge party in his honor and to welcome him. With his coming back, lots of money flow will come and business around will flourish, so a big business group has joined together to welcome him.


The party preparation is going on full swing. It has to be a A-Class party, matching to his style.


Same time in Handa Villa:


Simran(her friend): Geet, I am telling you, you should not go to that party.


Really’ and what makes you think I will listen to you. Help me get ready, and exactly like this pic or I will have my professionals do it for me


Reema(other friend):”What??, like this picture, are you crazy Geet. Whole world knows the style of Geet Handa and now you want to dress up like this, behenji types’ whole world will think you are in fancy dress competition.”


This party is for HIM, not for whole world and it’s for HIM that I am dressing, got it. 

I will be his Misty today, Misty of whom he had seen so many dreams and the dream which this Geet Handa has broken. Now will you get me ready soon


He is a changed man in this long time Geet. No one knows the old Him


I know, and I know he can never change from within” She was so excited that the life is giving her second chance and this chance she will never let go from her hand.


Her body sometimes shivered at the thought of seeing him after such long time.


After they got her ready, she wore her mangalsutra , vermillion on head and then she lovingly saw the bangle he wanted his Mishty to wear, she wore it.


Natasha(other friend)and rest two in unison: “This mangalsutra and this vemillion.. Everyone has almost forgot you are married and even if they remember, no one expects you like this Geet and moreover your divorce is hanging fromm 5 years


She did not listen to them. She had only him in mind, she was going in Party just for him.



Then her dad enters her room’


Dad, how am I looking… he will not believe its me


Come to senses Geet, he has forgotten you and for good. Why do you want to enter again in their peaceful life?


Dad, I just need one chance. This time I won’t let you down, please dad


Do not expect any help from me and no interference from my side. If you want to do it , do at your own risk.”


She nodded in yes.


Completely unlike Geet handa who is example of style, fashion and modern women in all senses, she reaches the party before time in excitement to see him.


Anyone does not even look at her as no one can guess in wildest dream that Geet Handa can be in such dressing, so everyone was busy waiting for his grand entry.


He entered with his body guards.. all dressed in Black. But the moment he entered, he get surrounded, first by media and the by people, where everyone is eager to get acquainted with him.


Geet tries to peek here and there to get a glimpse of him but he is so much surrounded by people.


Then he moves to shake hand and her heart skips as she get a glimpse of him.


Ohh god, what a style” he was in white shirt, black blazer, formal trouser and Black shoes, style and class oozing out of his each step but soon he gets surrounded by all ladies in the party, media person, business associates and then young daughters of big business men.’ he is laughing and smiling with girls and ladies while currently changes his expression while talking about business with the business tycoons and associates..


His smile steals her heart away but jealousy surround to as Girls seems almost ready to jump on him.


She holds her Mangalsutra tight. She curses them in her mind “shoo you all, he is a married man


But she knows well, people surrounding him here, hardly knows or remembers that Maan Singh Khurana is a married Maan.


Common perspective is he is single just like her, people hardly remember she is married.


He is so busy with everyone, that he does not get even a chance to look around so that he will notice her and he never expects her here and that too in this dressing. He knows how uncomfortable she is with Indian dressing and is much aware of her style of dressing. So he does not even give a look at her, oblivious of her presence.


Geet pouts her lips


Aunty se, oops” she bit her tongue “Maa se bata dungee, how her son was flirting in the party.. she will then teach him good lesson holding and twisting his ears


With that she went back five years back.


She had just come back from office, completely formal dress, got down from her car and entered the house’.


What the hell noise is all this’ yeh ghar hai ya chiraghar, I wonder” she had made a disgusting face.


And was more irritated when she saw his mother holding his ears and he was running around the house’


Maa chor na kaan, does anyone hold ears of 25yrs old son


Abhi batati hoon tujhe” and she bended his ears more


Aaah Ma, it hurts” “Karega kabhi aisee galti” and she left his ears


Nahi, he held his both ears and sat down on floor near his moms legs. Geet made a disgusting face thinking how down market these people were and where she has been stuck.


Then Maan’s eyes went on her and he had immediately straightened up and his mother too changed the topic and went to Geet.


Beta get freshen up, I will get some snack for you


Smiling, she comes back to present and thinks what right she had to think anything about mother son personal space.


His world with his parents, specially mom was entirely different. Now she wish, his mom says her beta with warmth that she shower on Maan and not just formalities and respect.


Other than getting him she also wanted to get warmth of his parents’


Will she ever get it, she shied. She has a long way to go.


She made faces and again pouted her lips


But the hardest part is to please this khadoos, and then everything will fall in places automatically.”



Then she looked around and found he was not seen. He had left to different hall for dinner.

























The innocence in him was killed by her practical bussiness and ruthless worldy life




The innocence in her came by just falling in love with him.




Will she ever be able to gain his trust. Will the trust bring the love or love again will bring the trust back.




Or both will go hand in hand or the broken trust will never be gain by the way it has broken.




So everyone, Anu here presenting


Part 1


Classes were going on in the college and even the irregular types were trying to attend college as terminal would start next week and teachers have strictly advised that marks of terminal will be counted in finals.

But even in this critical time someone was busy behind the bushes. His hands were roaming smoothly from her legs to her thighs, their lips were captured and her hand tightly holding his hairs to bring him closer. They left after a while, being breathless’

“Maan you are the best kisser” said Sanjana, his brand new Girlfriend and one of the most happening girl in looks and style’.

“I know I am best babe, well how many have kissed you before” he asked in his husky voice, his nose still nuzzled between her hair and behind neck and his hands playing with her curves inside her top

Sanjana did not answer his question as that was not meant to be answered. Instead she rolled her hand on his face sensually “Maan, I am so upset. I will not be able to meet you for few days”

Ohh no this was not what Maan wanted, she was his new Girl friend and he was enjoying her and flaunted being with her among his friends too. What will they think, new GF broke with him, no way

But he did not show his worries to her “Why darling, what’s the issue”

“woo, I have to collect notes and study for terminal”

“So what, I too have too study” “but you get notes from Geet, she will not give it to me and her notes are so good”

Maan knew Geet hated giving her notes to anyone. She would prefer them to come to her and she would explain them the subject nicely and then give notes.

But she hated those who wanted easy way out, getting ready made notes without any effort .

But Maan knew going to Geet, Uff she would take all Sanjana time in explaining her subject before giving her the notes.. this was not good idea to suggest. He thought for a while

“You are MSK’s GF, notes should not be worry for you, you will get it but there is one condition” he said with mischievous smile

“I know you naughty, even staying away from you is so tough for me.”

In the evening, Geet’s house:

Geet, in her salwar suit, hair tied well with braid and dupatta up as always, sleeves upto 3 quarter, was in kitchen, trying to make Ice cream while Vicky was on dining table.

Geet, loved to live by rules and ethics, She was no less from any girl in any ways nor had any inferior complex. For her all this gilrs, esp. kind of Maan’s GF were useless pieces.

“Vicky, better complete that part of chapter by today. 10th class is very critical, don’t be like your idiot Bro, you don’t have any silly Geet in your class”

“But I have you at home” “But I don’t want you to be as spoilt as your Bro”

They were busy in their talks when someone jumped behind Geet “hooo”

“Maan stop these stupid tricks of scaring me, they are too old now.”

He ignored her taunt “wow, ice cream, please Geet this time don’t make vanilla, its so boring to eat every time. Put some chocolate flavor in it this time”

“and Mr. who told you, I am going to listen to your demand and anyways you get bored with things little to fast”

He knew what she was hinting too. He went behind her held her waist and kissed her cheeks

“I am so sorry darling; you have not found your prince charming yet”

“Off course he will be special and classy, not road types like you. So getting special one takes its own time.”

She got dreamy “it will happen on its own, when he will come to my life, I will know ‘ it will be magical.”

Maan sat on the sofa and showing to doze off with her dreamy talks

“trying to show you are getting bored. Well I don’t even care. Person like you can never understand high level talks”

Maan sat up straight “wow, what a high level talk it was Geet, I am enlightened.”

Geet in anger, threw apple on him which he caught, none realized, Vicky left way before, knowing these two are going to get him bored by their stupid fights.

“Thanks” Geet turned in anger but then Maan soon realized why he was here.

Maan again went behind her and lovingly surrounded his hand around her waist and bended on her shoulder

“Got angry from your Maan” he said in sweet voice

“What do you want come staright, I know you way too better so try these tricks with you senseless GFs”

“Its not matter of GF Geet, but I can’t see anyone upset you know”

“Ohh wow, my social worker, what is the so called serious matter this time”

“Maan come straight or I am not doing anything” he ran to her “Woo Sanjana”

“yes your latest one” “poor girl, she is so worried, she don’t have notes for terminal”

“what’s so poor about it, she don’t attend classes she don’t have notes, simple. And your so called poor girls, thinks of me as behenji after getting notes from me”

“what wrong do they think, look at yourself in mirror properly” he thought

“No Geet, you have your own class, who can compare themselves with you”

“I know you think same, don’t act” “aur kya samjhoo, look at yourself”

“Anyways I don’t care what you and your silly friends and Gf think. what you want from me”

“Physics Notes” Geet looked at him in anger while Maan turned other side closing his eyes

“You know I don’t like this” Maan closed his eyes tight and then in low voice

“I thought your things are mine and so I promised her, No problem my promise will be broken. It’s ok. I know your ethics are important, I must have thought before”

Geet threw heavy breath in anger and left, Maan settled himself on couch knowing very well his work was done. As Geet approached with her notebook, Maan straightened himself

Forwarding note in front of him “just because of your promise, don’t make such promise next time. I won’t help.”

“Ok” he said obediently and left.

Geet gave cunning smile “poor boy, doesn’t know he is going to be grounded from tomorrow with me, won’t get time to meet her, for which he borrowed these notes”

Geet never interfered in Maan’s flirty and college friends life. But when exams were there or if something important was coming up, she would not care to cut him away from his useless hobbies.

Next: Maan’s respect to their friendship




This is not a very unique concept but will be a fun FF. After reading so many FF about Maan and Geet in college, I wanted to write one myself but the story and presentation is completely mine and hope different.

Warning: This is completely fun FF so do not expect much logic in it but it is just fun journey of Maan and Geet.

Good News: No villain or any sad track


Two people already bonded in a strong relation of one type. Will entering a new relation, weakens the old relation or will it strengthen the old relation.

This is story of two childhood friends, best friends, who are very opposite to each other in almost all ways and still no one can come between their friendships. They know the strong and weak points of each other and accept each other that way they are.

Just like ‘YOU NEVER KNOW’ Maan and Geet are childhood friend and family friends too and their family have join family business of Handa and Khurana Group fro generations and with each generation the family friendship bond has only increased.

Maan is a year older than Geet. He is 19 and Geet is 18. They both are in same college and 2nd year. Geet had been promoted to Maan’s class in 5th grade due to her excellent result and her sincerity in education.

Maan is the happiest person for this as since then he never has to even worry to ask notes from anyone.

Geet’s notes and study material are by default his and only his. No one else can even think of getting her study material, though they get it somehow thru Maan sometimes.

Maan don’t even have to worry about his exams date, Geet will have it and she will pull him from all his fun and ground him with her for exam study together.

Maan on other side, he is the biggest flirt. With his richness, style and looks he is pride for girls to be with him, to be seen with him and they love to be romanced by him. And he is able to get most hot and happening girl making his friends jealous.

Again as ‘YOU NEVER KNOW’ Vicky is Maan’s younger brother who is in class 10 at present and here too Geet and Vicky have their own very